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Kitamura Mytrunnion-4G

Kitamura Mytrunnion-4G

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OptiPro OptiSonic 530

OptiPro OptiSonic 530

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En Pointe Precision, Inc. is a CNC prototype and production machine shop that fabricates metals, carbon fiber and plastic. We utilize 2018 Kitamura Mytrunnion-4G 5-axis machines to deliver tight tolerance parts.  We sold our OptiPro Optisonic 530 to a customer and are happy to share their contact info upon request if you are interested in the fabrication of glass and ceramics including silicon carbide, fused silica, ZERODUR®, and alumina.


Currently, we are in the process relocating/reorganizing to San Rafael, California and hope to be leveraging prototype and production expertise again in 2024. Metal, carbon fiber, and plastic parts that fit within a 22" dia. x 15" h. envelope are usually delivered within 2-3 weeks.  We leverage Mastercam and SolidWorks to generate tool paths. 


  Please contact us or make an appointment to visit the shop.

  We look forward to an opportunity to earn your business!


Contact Us
Michael or Darren
Available Mon - Sat  8:30 - 4:30 PM
125 Mitchell Blvd Ste G 
San Rafeal, CA 94903
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